Service & Price

& Personal Training

Regular package price list.

90 minutes
Number of ticketsPriceBonus
Single¥15,000 (税込)
4 Packs¥60,000 (税込)
8 Packs¥120,000 (税込)+PT45×1time
12 Packs¥180,000 (税込)+PT90×1time
20 Packs¥300,000 (税込)+PT90×2times

60 minutes
Number of ticketsPriceBonus
Single¥11,000 (税込)
4 Packs¥44,000 (税込)
8 Packs¥88,000 (税込)+PT30×1time
12 Packs¥132,000 (税込)+PT60×1time
20 Packs¥220,000 (税込)+PT60×2times

45 minutes
Number PriceBonus
Single¥9,000 (税込)
4 Packs¥36,000 (税込)
8 Packs¥72,000 (税込)
12 Packs¥108,000 (税込)+PT45×1time
20 Packs¥180,000 (税込)+PT45×2times

30 minutes
Number of ticketsPriceBonus
8 Packs¥48,000 (税込)
12 Packs¥72,000 (税込)+PT30×1time
20 Packs¥120,000 (税込)+PT30×2times

90min. Trial
(One time only)
Single¥5,500 (税込)




90 minutes¥15,000 (税込)
60 minutes¥11,000 (税込)
45 minutes¥9,000 (税込)
30 minutes¥6,000 (税込)

HYP Monthly Membership Program

HYP Monthly Membership Program is a discounted multiple membership program for family and corporate members.

HYP Monthly membership program includes
Physiotherapy and Personal Training – 2 times / week. Total of up to 8 PT sessions / month.
+ Free gym use (without a trainer) Once / week. Up to 4 times / month.

All of the group members must be signed up in advance.

CourseNumbers of session / weekMonthly fee
HYP9090min. 2 times / week
+free gym use1time / week
¥100,000 (税込)
HYP6060min. 2 times / week
+free gym use1time / week
¥75,000 (税込)

*Unused ticket can not be carried over for next month.

*Counseling and coaching contracts for athletic sport teams and individuals are also available. Please contact us.

In the case of cancellation:
Please keep in mind that we do have a 24 hours cancellation policy for all of our appointments.