• Earn true strength and resilience in your body

  • We welcome everyone.With sophisticated clinical approach and knowledge that’s based on years of experience, we design our sessions very uniquely for each individual. We aim to meet and match what your body needs at the deepest level so that our guests can create meaningful changes in their lives.

  • 01Assessment

  • – Check your current condition by taking thorough intake and physical movement tests. After discussion we create plans together that are targeting your health and fitness goals.

  • 02Treatment

  • – We add hands on soft tissue release / acupuncture / EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) therapy etc. as needed to enhance the process.

  • 03Training

  • – To meaningfully upgrade mobility and function, a change must occur from the brain and the nervous system level. We combine strengthening and educational movement practice to achieve profound outcomes. About details of our approach, please check out → More info.

Earn true strength and resilience in your body.