Lab \\\ Trainer

  • Hirotsugu Kawai

    Hirotsugu Kawai – Owner / Head Trainer / Licensed Acupuncturist

    Hiro is an owner of HYPhysio. Lab., dedicated athletic trainer with over 20 years of experience directing and managing many professional and amateur sport teams. Also a licensed acupuncturist. Hiro created HYPhysio. Lab. with a vision – For the athletes in all ages to maximize their physical performance. And also to provide a space for people to find better health and happiness by incorporating athletic approach into their lifestyle.


    ・J-league Oomiya Ardija
    ・Waseda-Jitsugyo Soccer Team
    ・Hachioji-Gauken Soccer Team

    American football
    ・Asahi-Silver Star
    ・Japan National Team
    ・Nihon University Pheonix
    ・Chuo University Raccoons
    ・Obirin University TNC …etc

    ・Canon Rugby Team
    ・Hosei University Rugby Team
    ・Kurita-Kogyo Rugby Team

    ・Toyota – Alvark
    ・Nihon University Basketball Team
    ・Hachioji-Gakuen Basketball Teams
    ・Takushoku University Basketball Teams

  • Nanae Saitou

    Nanae Saito – Front desk, Trainer / Therapist

    Nana is a wandering somanaut who is deeply curious about the mystery of the human body. Trained as a certified massage therapist in the U.S.. Also a certified instructor of Cortical Field Reeducation, which is a method to improve kinesthetic awareness to rediscover healthier primitive functional movement patterns after injuries and trauma. Besides work, Nana loves being outside hiking trails and listening to biohack podcasts on her day off.